Subject We Cover


Being an international language, it helps the children to learn the basic alphabets, spell and pronounce words, and frame sentences.


Being in UAE, this language is extremely important for everyday communication. It is the most common language that is used especially in GCC countries. The language opens the door for the kids to be fluent and mingle with other nationalities easily.


This subject teaches about God (Allah), faith, the purpose of life, moral duties and responsibility, the importance of spirituality, and much more. It helps children to lead a more successful life by empathizing and maintaining peace in society.


The language is widely being popular because of its use internationally. This subject teaches basic alphabets, spelling, and sentences. Fluency is given importance in order for easy communication.

Fun and challenging activities

Different fun and challenging activities are taught to help the children grasp knowledge by enjoying the learning process. Challenging activities help children to think and solve problems in the quickest manner.